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urinary sphincter male

This is the gold standard treatment for severe male urinary incontinence, which often occurs as a consequence of prostate cancer treatments. It was developed 40 years ago and has an excellent success rate. It is a 3-piece component that uses an inflatable cuff that surrounds the urethra to cause constant compression to resist urine leakage. The pressure in the cuff is released only when the patient decides to urinate and he depresses a small pump located in the scrotum.

The surgery takes about 2 to 2.5 hours and requires an overnight stay in the hospital. Recovery and pain is typically minimal, but the patient is restricted from strenuous physical exertion for 6 weeks.  Risks of the procedure include bleeding, erosion of the cuff through the urethra, need for device removal due to infection and malfunction of the device over time.  On average it provides excellent results for approximately 10 years.


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